They're finally up! RandomSentenceGenerator 1 and RandomSentenceGenerator 2!

2008-11-17 19:18:32 by cman4321

They are officially on the site! If you have any comments, sugestions, or anything about the game you want to say, say it here! Also, I'm looking for an icon for RSG1 and RSG2. If someone could make or find one, that would be awesome. Thanks,



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2008-11-19 20:53:12

I will make you some icons, if you will allow me. I sill message back a URL.


2008-11-19 20:53:27



2008-11-19 21:18:04

Well here you go 197/superduperusername/?action=view&a mp;current=469870.gif

Your games Newgrounds number is the file name and it is in the URL as well. see it, no , the other number, yeah, that one. okay cool here is the other one. 197/superduperusername/?action=view&a mp;current=469908.gif

(Updated ) cman4321 responds:

thanks a bunch, ill use those! I'll give a little thing saying that you got the icons for me, too. once again, thanks!


2008-11-21 20:47:17

Hey alright, It is the least i could do, since your games make me laugh daily.

If you need anything, just ask.


2008-11-21 20:48:36

I don't want you to think you have to use those particular ones. Is there something you want changed, maybe the abbreviations, instead os RS maybe RSG or something. let me know and thanks again for making them. :)


2008-11-21 21:35:25

I made one for the awesome password generator.
Here is the link, and let me know if you want something different. :) 197/superduperusername/?action=view&a mp;current=470159.gif